Social Security Number

social security number

A Social Security number (número de seguridad social) is necessary to be able to work or be self-employed in Spain. It is also a requirement for obtaining the health card, which allows you access to public health care. If you’re job hunting, it’s a good idea to have a social security number already assigned, so you don’t have to worry about it once you’re hired. Your social security number becomes a número de afiliació (affiliation number) when you start work.


Where can I get the social security number in Madrid?

Here is a list of social security offices in Madrid. You can also find nearby offices.

The following documents must be presented:

  • passport + photocopy
  • NIE + photocopy of each side (if you already have a NIE number or card)
  • completed  Modelo TA1 form
  • proof what you need the social security number for (for NON-EU citizens)

By law, it can take up to 45 days for a social security number to be assigned, but usually you will receive it immediately.

What’s the social security number for?

Once you are assigned a número de seguridad social, you are connected to the Spanish social security system and have the same number for life. All your labor activity is attributed to you and can be checked by downloading a Vida laboral (“working life”) document.

Note: When getting your social security number, make sure to fill in your Spanish telephone number in the application form as later on, many transactions can be done over the internet and the security code is sent to you by SMS.

Social security services via SMS are, for example, Report having paid Social Security contributions, Report on Working Life or request a Duplicate of your Affiliation Document.

If you are not sure how to get a social security number, let NIE Madrid help you. Contact us or fill out the application form.