Invitation letter

Invitation letter (carta de invitación) is a document needed for NON-EU citizens to be able to travel to Spain without having booked commertial accomodation (hotel, AirBnb,…). If the NON-EU citizen needs tourist visa to enter Spain, it might be required for the visa application. If tourist visa is not required, it could still be requested at the borded when entering Spain. The invitation letter is issued for maximum of 90 days.

Who applies for the invitation letter:
  • The application is done by the friend/relative that lives in Spain
Where to apply:
  • Invitation letter should be done at the closest police office to the residence (flat/house) of the inviting person
  • Appointment is needed for presenting the application
Time of resolution:
  • It depends on each police office how long they take to process the invitation letter, at some police offices they issue it on the same day of application, in some they can take up to one month
Documents needed:
  • Rental contract or property deed
  • Empadronamiento colectivo
  • Copy of passport of the NON-EU person
  • DNI/NIE/TIE of the inviting person
  • Application form
  • Tax payment confirmation
The cost:
  • The state fee for the application varies almost each year, but it rounds 80-85€ (including two taxes)

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