Payment terms

The fee for the service is 99€ per person for a NIE application (immigration office tax not included).

The payment is divided in two steps:
  1. The 50€ fee is paid for help with the document preparation. We will start looking for the appointment only once we receive this payment.
  2. The remaining 49€ is paid after the appointment in the immigration office in cash or by credit card (please check this last option with your assistant).

We kindly ask you to confirm your availability for the appointment as if we book the appointment for you and you cancel this appointment for any reason without previous notification that you are not available at this date/time, we will charge an additional 20€ fee. We will start looking for the next available appointment once this additional fee is paid.

In any case we cannot guarantee we will be able to schedule the appointment in any specific date or time as the appointments are given by the immigration office.

If the NIE is not issued due to a  mistake of the client (wrong or missing documentation) during the appointment at the immigration office, there is a fee of 36€ for accompanying the client to the next available appointment.