Health Insurance

After moving to Madrid one of the next steps to take is to care about your health and the preventive care. The European health insurance card is fine for traveling and short term stays, but if you came to Madrid to live, it is no more an option. You can choose from public health care, private health insurance or apply for public health insurance throw the form S1.

1. Public health care

1. Public health care

Not everybody living in Madrid has automatically right to get the sanitary card (tarjeta sanitaria) and access to the public health care. The basic requirement to get the sanitary card is working contract in Spanish company or being self-employed in Spain and Spanish social security number. You also need the empadronamiento and in the town hall they will tell you which health center (centro de salud – CAP) corresponds to your address. In CAP you need to present these documents:

  1. Passporthealth insurance card
  2. NIE Card
  3. Empadronamiento
  4. Social security number
  5. Work contract

2. Private health care

There are many offers for the private health insurance from very cheap once to exclusive premium insurance policies. When contracting the health insurance, be aware about various things:

1. Insurance with co-payment (con copago) – these are very cheap policies, but every time you go to doctor you have to pay certain percentage of the examination or intervention. Also be aware that the health insurance valid for the immigration office is the one without co-payment (sin copago)

2. Insurance only with NIE – some health insurance companies will sign contract with you only if you have a NIE. Some of them are OK with the temporal NIE, some require the residency NIE card

3. Payment of the whole year at once – be aware that if you don´t have a NIE yet, the insurance company might ask you to pay for the half year or whole year at the beginning of the contract to assure themselves that as soon as you get your NIE you don´t stop paying the policy.

3. Form S1

Another way to access the public health care is throw the form S1 (formerly E106). This form certifies you work in another country than you live and you have a right to access the health care in both countries (within EU countries). The S1 form is issued by the social security authority in the country where you work (you have to prove your Spanish address – empadronamiento should work as a proof). As soon as S1 is issued take it to the Instituto nacional de la seguridad social (INSS) in Madrid. And they will issue a document proving your right to access the public health care in Spain. Which this paper you can go to your closes CAP and follow the instructions for public health insurance above. You can find more information about useful EU forms for moving within the European Union on web page.

Not sure how to apply for the public health care in Madrid? Need assistance to choose the best private health insurance? Or how and where to present the form S1? Dont hesitate to contact us!